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Greetz one and all,

Like I said last time, I’d like to re-organise my “on the net post” One part being a themed part with some rant stuff and the other being a few cool extra links. Being a man of few words (on-line) my rant will never be to long, as I myself usually lose interest in to long texts, I’m not going to boar you with it ;o)

Today’s topic is a last minute one, I went over to “on the painting table” “on the painting table” and saw the post about the Marines. It scratched my count as itch, I love count as army’s as long as they look cool and convincing. One of my friends Koen (the other one) wants to start a Space wolf army, but dislikes the look and feel of them, so is going to use Dark Angels instead, those kind of idea’s make you want to look for replacements for wolfs and makes for great conversions.

my red praetorian grey knightless army [Bols]
A fine example of the one conversion, fixing this model and some small additions and including them in a pratorian apocalypse army how cool would that be.

Hrud and other dangerous aliens [Bols]
It’s been done a dozen times over and over; but using unsupported races such as Hrud; squats; Mechanicus; …

Legio custodes army [Dave Taylor]
A classic

Adeptus Mechanicus Army-ish...orky-is [Dakka]

and besides the rant I have the following to offer …
step by step coins bricks earth [Massive voodoo]
Brilliant idea for some terrain making in the future

dungeon display base pt2 [Massive voodoo]
And they make it look so simple …

Fuck Yeah Rogue trader [FYRT]
Always cool to review the old artwork.


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