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Greetz one and all,

I had a working weekend this week and kept wondering what I would talk about this week. There are a lot of things going on in my little gaming backyard. In the last few years I’ve always been looking for “the one game system”… I don’t like learning a new system for every cool idea that comes out of my imagination let alone the community.

Maybe I’m alone with this, but I don’t like playing for the win. I play for the story, and for the cool mini’s, and I don’t mind if any one helps me around with a system for a couple of games. The system is not important for me. But when I’m asked to organize a game; campaign, if you’d ask me to learn a system, I’d like a real all round system; one where I can do skirmish like stuff as well as RPG as massed combat. That’s part why I like GW; you’ve got mordheim etc for the skirmish regular warhammer for massed combat and if you’d like the old RPG vor roleplaying. But unfortunately these games don’t seem to match all the time.

I think I found it with song of blades and hero’s, it gives me the sence for all sorts of adventures, a lasgun might get another name in the list; but at the end it does the trick. But I still need to test it all, I hope this might be the goose with the golden eggs.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I just had my first game of Songs of Blades and Heroes (quite a mouthful) on Saturday. It was a demo game, standard orcs vs humans about 8 figures a side. It was just the basic rules, but I really liked the system, even more than Mordheim. I can't speak to the other supplements, but the guy demoing the game really likes using it for his WW2 squad games.



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