Wayback Wednesday

Greetz one and all,
Again time for wayback wendnesday or is it “to long ago Thursday” I really have to get that agenda under control ;o) This month’s model will end up in the dip by the end of the week; Dip this time meaning disolvant (assetone); and re-painting him for either my Blood Angels or for InquisitorMunda as a Scythes of the emperor.

But why did I pick this guy, not for his paintjob, it was good enough for that time, but now … This model reminds me of the old style commanders that where way cool. It’s the only one I’ve got left but you know which ones I mean. I think he’s been re-sculpted over the years, but I don’t know for sure. One of the cool things for the metal age; now the plastic kitbashing makes models with such Iconic feel less obvious (but not impossible; Doghouse marines for example)
Anyway, I like this model and will be giving him a proper paint job this time around (or at least I hope I will)


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  1. I love old school minis, they have a lot of character.



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