Wayback Wednesday

Greetz one and all,

This is the first of yet again a new series.  I got the idea when surfing around the net.  I bumped in to the inner geek who launched it a while back, so asked his permission to do the same over here :o)
In this first installment I want to talk about how it all got started all those years ago.  I started out with a Fantasy army of Dwarfs for the simple reason I didn’t need to buy the extra magic expansion box.  The Iron Breaker was one of my first models to buy, I call them my poultry unit :o), and is still one of my favorite models  as is the anvil guard.  Painting wise they could have used a more experienced brush, but I’m not planning on redoing them yet.

As you can see with the white dwarf model, my style of painting changed a lot over the years


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