On the net may 11

Greetz one and all,

There are a lot of top 10 lists passing buy every week these days, this isn’t one of them.  These are just the things that where of intrest to me and the projects I’m “working” on.
Not a big list this week I’m afraid, didn’t do all that much surfing in the last few weeks; or at least didn’t keep record of it.  But here it is any way.

First up a special mention to our very own Goblin paint challenge.
We are all painting up the Clyde from leadadventures VSF Bonnie and Clyde.  If you feel like joining in let me know.

Gorkamorka [The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site]
Site with a lot of inspirational stuff for GM fans. I enjoy our campaign a lot; and that’s not ‘cus I’ve got the lead in XP but ‘cus all the other guy’s are fun to play with; even Grutz, although I do give them a hard time with all the “in character” trash talk.

trash bash 2011 final results [roebeast]
Talking about trash … I love these kind of competitions, and although I thought it would be over with all the new suppliers giving all kinds of alternative sets and GW defining it’s universe better, I am now re-discovering this area for all kind of Victorian SF or Wild West adventures or who knows what might come some day …

Chimera/Russ 'AVRE' [Ammobunker]
Man o man I love tanks. There are a lot of great idea’s over here, go check them out

Marcineczek0 workshop of crazy ideas! [Ammobunker]
and to go even more nuts …

genswick-33rd-rifles-regiment-1st [Dave Taylor]
Not a new idea (dave did this before) but it still is way cool.



  1. The site's name is "The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site" - we were going to choose a name originally but couldn't think of anything that didn't sound dreadful, so we went with tUGS.

    -tUGS Admin
    (There actually is a "we", it's not just me speaking in the third person!)

  2. apparently something went wrong with the comment section this week, don't know what or why, but tUGS Admin pointed out it's not just Gorkamorka but the Unnamed Gorkamorka Site.

    Changes where made, and the feedback much appreciated.




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