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Greetings one and all,

It’s been a while since I last updated on my work.  It will be tough to reach my  1 model a week count at this rate.  But I must admit I didn’t even count this years loot yet.  Something for next month I think ;o)

Anyhow, this weeks WIP is the start of my last Gorka Morka piece, my track called “Ead”.  He will function as a tractor pulling several carts, but those are all for later. 

This thing now is made up out of the body from a deff Dread (made a deal with a fellow nutcase for that one) some old trakc I had laying around, some buggy parts and terrain pieces from  

Models in waiting
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang
VSF01 Bonnie and clyde (lead adventure) for our Golden Goblin Paint challenge
(more on that later^or for the dutch speakers on the goblin forum)

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
Warhammer; Skaven
40k; Inquisitormunda stuff

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