on the net apil 13

Greetz one and all,

 It’s been a while since I posted one of my “on the net” thingy’s so there is a lot to show :o)

Do It Yourself: Razorwire [3T studios]
Looks nice, and convincing, and boy so easy.

DIY photo light box [darkworkshop]
One of those things I should make some time for. It really improves the quality of pictures; or so I’m told.

forgeworld sneak peaks form Adepticon [Miniature wargamer]
Love the new tank at the bottom and the jumpacks.

khadoran inn [privateer press]
I just noticed this one yesterday (thanks Steven) but way cool scenery with lots of character and good tutorial; I’ve missed these kind of tutorials …

revisiting some pale skin techniques [black dot barrel]
Good tutorial

Winnaars Lage Landen schilder competitie (voorronde) 2011[GW Antwerp fb]
Did you see me; did you see me ;o)

It's all Dave Andrew's fault [Warhammer Empire]
It’s been way to long ago since I visited the forum; but when I did I found this; way cool scenery.

Breugelburg [lead-adventure]
You’ve got to love these; more pix on the forum:
"Metal militia" of Bruegelburg [lead-adventure]
Citizens of the Bruegelburg [lead-adventure]

That's it for today

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