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Greetings one and all, and welcome to this new series.  Although not completely certain where this will lead us, I figured my 20 years of gaming experience could give some insights on the subject of gaming for all gamers out there.  I’m not saying I know better or that I’m a smart guy or what ever.  I held off this kind of rambling ‘cus I think there are a lot of people doing a far better job at writing stuff then I am (as there are painters but I still insist on putting that on-line :o)  Why then?   To keep track of my own thoughts for one and to  complete the thinking process.

My first rant of the month; Pick your battles; all of them.
What I mean is when you think about your collection and getting all your dreams turned to reality it is best to really consider what you want in your hobby or in this project.  For instance you want a painted fantasy army.  This could mean get all the models Table Top ready and play or it could mean getting a top notch paint job on them.   The difference between a warriors of Chaos army and a skaven hoard.  I know this particularly works when choosing a new army.  But the same go’s when you (re)start a project.  

I’ve got a lot of unfinished business in my bitzbox (don’t we all) but recently I started projects as Inquisitormunda, to get the cool models painted but don’t have the pressure of a complete army.  I decided a Marine army would do, 2 or 3 of them isn’t realy for me right now.  So I dumped by excess baggage; killed a few of my baby’s and decided I’m not going for the Skaven Hoard, I’m not going for the Ultramarines, but am going for my Quest Collection, Inquisitormunda and upkeeping my Dwarfs and Bloodangels.  All other projects must be quick and preferably fit in to already mentioned.  Further more my Inquisitormunda and Quest models will be based the same way (and if at all possible so will my dwarfs)  so I can fit them all on the same table and keep a unified feel of all models.
Anyways my point is by picking my battles; getting my priority’s straight I decided a 40k army would be better then 5 unfinished ones.  This gave me a feeling of liberation and made it possible to find other solutions to previous problems.


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