Black Box Revelation; Grey Knights

Greetz one and all,
This month’s Black Box revelation isn’t from the Black Box itself but I just couldn’t resist. All those shiny marines; I just had to buy me one. So I bought me a box of grey knight marines, actually so I can use the bits in all sorts of Inquisitor projects and for my blood angels. One never has enough marine bits ;o). Having seen the bit list in the WD I knew what I was buying, they should do this for all there sets. I chose the marines above the Terminators ‘cus I can use almost all bits in the marine set while the Termi upper torso is to specific to integrate in other models without extensive converting. But on to the review

 The box holds a lot of bits, enough to make 5 Grey Knights in power armor and have some left for other projects. As with a lot of the new plastics this kit also has the paired arms, not all of them, but a lot. For once I like the stiky plans. I love the old way of just cutting out all the pieces and puzzle later, but with the newer kits I wouldn’t advice that. If you plan on using this kit, like me, for other marines and need the stash the bits for a while, don’t just cut them from the sprue. Keep the paired arms together, it will save you a lot of trouble later on.

The models have some nice sharp detailing and lots of extra weapon options. I recommend paint after assembling specially for paired arms. I had a afoul time putting both arms on the correct place without sticking my fingers to the model as well. If you run in to that kind of trouble on a painted model all is lost ;o).
All in all, a nice kit, a bit expensive for plug and play, but if you are one of those creative gamers with some marine left overs you can easily get 10 Grey Knights out of this box. I like the bits and loved painting this one (although I could have used some more sleep instead :o)


PS: I used a Dark Angel backpack and Blood Angel head.


  1. Very nice Guido,
    saw it in the Oberonn Last night.
    One down, ten to go!

    C ya

  2. I'm not going for the full unit. It'll just be this one for the moment.
    I'll be using it in Inq.Munda (skirmish thingy)
    And like I said a few day's ago; contact me if you need any bits ;o)




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