WD 375

Greetings one and all,

Here we are again with this months white dwarf. A bit later than expected but postman Pat had a cold so I got my WD on Monday. But without further delay …

Waaagh da Orcs (FAN PRODUCT 12p)
A review of the new book, and I must say a pretty book it is. I had a look at the preview copy in my FLGS, nice artwork and full hard cover. And one of the best things in this article; a bit pic of the Arachnarok Spider.

the Battle for Karak Eight Peaks (FAN TACTIC 8p)
A small 4 battle campaign for Dwarfs, Skaven and Orcs and Goblins. I want to give this one a try. I have been looking to create something similar for my self, but here it is all done and looking great. So to all O&G players in my vicinity, be prepared my dwarfs are underway ;)

Wych cults of the Dark Eldar (40K HOBBY 6p)
Some “uniform and heraldry” pictures of colour schemes. Inspiring stuff

Dol Guldur Awakens (LOTR TACTIC 6p)
A few scenarios of the time when Sauron was known as “the necromancer”

Ancient Hero's (40K TACTIC 8p)
Mat Ward talks about possible Blood Angel Tactics. If I want to be able to win some battles I’d better start reading these things; no?

The forest of spiders (Fan BATTLE 20p)
Battle report of Jervis Johnson and Nick Bayton (3999 Orcs and Goblins) vs Matt Hutson (1995 Dwarfs) and Matt Ward (1996 Bretonian)

Standard Bearer (GEN INFO 2p)
Jervis talks about dice; serious J Dice …

Return to Armageddon (40K INFO 8p)
Continuing the article from last month about the studio campaign. Steven is thinking about doing something like that in the far future, I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime this is an interesting read.

eavy Metal Orcs and Goblins (FAN HOBBY 2p)
Just some pictures like in the good old day’s, gray marble background included.

Army Workshop Orcs and goblins (FAN HOBBY 6p)
Some painting tips for the new savage orcs (but any orc works in same way more or less) and spider riders. Painting tips are always nice.

That’s it for this months review.

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