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Greetings one and all,

This months white dwarf was a bit early I think; Pat must have heard me last month :o) As you can expect a lot about the new Grey Knights, lovely looking new kits and bit lists. Just in time if you ask me. I, again, had nothing new to report. I’m still working on Brother Noctis (terminator from Space Hulk), and haven’t even finished yet. But on to this month’s report:

The masters of titan (40k PRODUCT 14p)
Grey Knights Codex review by Andy Hall with designers Martin Footitt, Matt Holland, Tom Walton, Dale stinger and Giorgio Bassani lots of cool models and pictures.

The green Invasion (fan TACTIC 6p)
I loved this one. A few words of fluff about waagh Grimgor, and waagh … and the nice part a way to look at it on the table top. Interesting, I hope they do this again for other army’s.

A new alliance (LOTR TACTIC 6p)
Simon Grant about allies in war of the ring

Gamesday 2010 (GEN INFO 8p)
Andy Hall takes a look at Gamesday World Wide with some nice pictures of winners from all over the globe.

A light in the grim darkness (40k BATTLE 20p)
Battle report Tom Hutchings (Demons 2247) vs Kevin Chin (Grey Knights 2246)

Standard Bearer (GEN INFO 2p)
Jervis talks about "killing your darlings", which means as much as be a critic and go for the essentials. I’m doing this for some time now (family and work kind of made me do it) but always think about what you want X or Y to be and go for the price don’t get lost in details and to much this and that. But read what Jervis has to say about it, he is a lot better at writing stuff then I’ll ever be.

eavy Metal Grey Knights (40k HOBBY 8p)
Yeehaaa, gamerporn for all :o)

Citadel Hall of Fame (gen HOBBY 2p)
One of my personal favorites is when people talk about their favorite model. This month, Allan Merrett

Modelling workshop Grey Knights (40k HOBBY 8p)
And there it is; the new Grey Knights in all there glory. I kinda missed the ultra power ranger or is it called a dread knight, but a bit list for the terminators and marine Grey Knights

Army Workshop Flesh tearers by Duncan Rhodes and Nick Bayton (40k HOBBY 8p)
Some nice painting and lots of nice stuff; more gamerporn.

That’s it for this months review.

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