On the net march 23

Greetz one and all,

Time again for my on the net thing. Not a big lot this time I’m afraid, but still some nice finds if you ask me. (otherwise I wouldn’t post them)

My evil plan Old stuff day [Warhammer39999]
Kind of appropriate that I bring up the old stuff day now that it is long gone, but I actually enjoyed the initiative. Lots of cool posts to see, and an excuse to look at some old stuff of my own.

Ground spider terrain [BOW]
Made for infinity, but also suited for other sci-fi games all over. Nice look if you ask me.

painting faces [The Brush Brothers]
I like this tutorial, looks strange to start with, but man what a result. Great work.

Wattle and Daub [Lead Adventure]
A good and easy tutorial on how to make antique dry wall :o)

Profileork [Iron Dog Studio]
Nice looking ork conversions, have a look at Da kwik stuff and trukks

Sphere Wars [Sphere Wars]
I don’t understand didleysquad of what they are saying over there, but man they have some nice beasts in the range.

blogdex [gdmnw]
network page [N++]
I love blog rolls and network pages. These are all about listing links and not updating (like all the RSS feeds) but that gives me a chance to check them all :o)


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