Introducing; Mudocks Mutants

Greetings fellow gamers,

I’ve been looking around in my figure case, and found these models from a couple of years ago. Around the time when I started with this blog. The paint job is not the best ever but good enough for my Inq Munda stuff. And so they join the collection.

The model: The models I used are some old OOP orks with new genestealer bits and chaos mutation sprue, and a necrarch Vampire with a celestial wizards head.
The painting: Like I said nothing to fancy, this were my first diped models.
The Game: These will be used as Hybrids rule wise we’re still not playing so who cares ;o)
The Inquisitors thoughts: Murdock and his mutants; We found them below Hive Heraldus on Claxton IV about 15 years ago. It was quite a hunt exterminating the lot, we had to burn trough levels 04 to 16


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