On the net march 09

Greetz one and all,

Time again for some internet finds. I’ve been busy with my entry for the Lowlands Painting Competition. But that’s for next week (there are some wip pix on the Flicker thingy) And done some research for the new Golden Goblin Painting challenge; but more on that over a few weeks.

rocket clown second [Ricalopia]
Some cool halequins on jetbike. Could have used a bit more harlequin touches, but be sure to check out the rest of the blog; some very nice stuff.

dispay cabinet duke [bruses and dolls]
Ha ha ha; or ROFL or Way funny stuff

artscale commander culln near completion [master of the forge]
I wish I could do that.

Iron horse [Independent painter]
I’ve given up on my boy’s in blue, but I still love seeing them done the right way. I don’t like vanilla marines, Ultramarines are so much more, as you can see ;o)

the store [Victoria Lamb]
Aha, a contestor for our new challenge ;o)

pict gallery orks by pauls painting [the veils edge]
Gorka Morka; Gorka Morka; Gorka Morka;

ministrorum priest conversions [excommunicatetratoris]
Some way cool conversions and superb painting skills


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