Blood Angel Librarian

Greets one and all,

As I’ve mentioned time and time before, there are some issues in my agenda. Things keep popping up and prevent me from having the hobby time I would want. But a man has to do what a man has to do ;o)

This week I’ve cheated a little bit. Like last month this model is from my collection and actually was painted a few years ago. Although quite satisfied with the result, up until now this lexicanum was part of my Ultramarines. I love the Ultramars, but decided to leave them for what they are for the moment, and get on with the Blood Angels. I don’t have a Librarian in my force yet, so why not just change his chapter badge and be done with it.

After doing the badge, which looks a lot cleaner in real life, I decided to add a campaign badge for Armageddon and lighten up the red runes on the staff a bit.

I bet all of you have models painted up for all different kind of projects laying around. Some of them could probably quite easily be adjusted for you current project. Why not just do so… It took me some time, but I figure better 1 army worth fielding with lots of cool character stuff, then all these lose ends laying around. I’m not saying I’ll never do any other army then Blood Angels, as a matter of fact those Grey Knights look very tempting, but I hope I can at least finish this army for once, and adding to an army is always easier then building a new one.



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