WIP 02 02

Greetings one and all,

Some more Gorka Morka stuff. I already have 3 orks done (yeay for me)
You can find the pix on my Flicker


Models in waiting
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang
- Nob (lot of modelling work, and painting)
- 3 gangers (2 almost done painting)
- 1 truck (lot of work)

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
Warhammer; Skaven
40k; Inquisitormunda stuff

Forum posts:
My Gorka Morka Orks [Lead Adventure]
Da Mobz [Golden Goblin]
      Dutch "Goblin" only forum post with pix of all the other mobs joining the fun.

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