Power cables

Greetz one and all,

Today I’m not showing my progress of one or the other project, I’ll try to give you some kind of tutorial instead. I’ve seen various techniques to make power cables going from greenstuffing to guitar strings and just buying a pewter version.

Me I make my own cables using metal wire, I like the result and this is how I do it.

First pick your metal wire. I’ve got a rather thin (coated) one for the exterior line and a slightly thicker one for the core.

Wrap the small one around the ticker wire. Its just a lot of turning on the core wire, but all in all not a difficult job at all. (you do have to make sure the exterior cable (small one) is long enough).

Cut off the excess at start and end.

Glue in to place. And complete it with some last GS detailing

Hope you liked it.



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