On the net today (Febuary 23)

Greetz one and all,

Here again with my "on the net". First up; every one is talking about the stasis of From The Warp. Ron (the one running the show) decided to take things a bit slower. A thing I think all people bump in to once and a while. It’s a los to the Warhammer Bloggers. But there are still a lot of great things out there and these are the few thing I bumped in to.

Top Ten all time models (GW) [Santa Cruz]
I’m a fan of the “Citadel hall of fame” in White Dwarf, so I love this series.

Full Steam Ahead for Micro Arts [BoW]
Some nice models for all sorts of projects (@steven check it out for our

Brother Vinni's landsknechts and girls :) [Lead Adventure]
I love the landsknecht models and although not a fan of half naked models, but these have a bit of a Sin City edge. And I love Miller’s work :o)

Mentor Bolters [The Mentor Legion]
If I’m not mistaken this used to be a post on B&C, one of my favourites I might add.

Pre Heresy Space Wolves Conversions [Space Wolves]
An existing conversion idea by doghouse, I always wanted to get some done for myself. Space Wolfs to be specific, and this is a good example of how they should look

Review Instant Mold [Inquisitor Lord Aki]
A pro approach to the green stuff method

Shadow Force Dragomir [B&C]
Nice clean raven guard army.

Heresy Era Emperors Children [B&C]
Don’t like the marines, but just love the jet bikes.

Spaceship X Scratching our Plastic Space Hulk Itch [BOW]
I’d like 5 of these thank you ;o)



  1. cool ten list, thanks for posting it :)

  2. Top tip with that spaceship X business. I haven't seen that before. So very tempting, but I am trying to go the other direction with my hulking tendencies.

  3. I love the Killzone stuff your doing, so I am curious what that new direction is; hope to see more on your blog about it ,o)




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