On the net February 9

Greetz one and all,

There are a lot of nice posts on the net, I seem to lack the time to have a good look at them, but I try to share those that I do find and like.

Dwarf tale; from king to clansman [The Grumpy Stumpy]
Very nice looking unit filler.

Empire general on griffon [Empire]
Way cool conversions not just the griffon.

Rogan's Ultramarines [B&C]
I’d like to have some marines like this some day.

Second Edition Saturday - Astral Hounds  [Digital Waaagh]
One of the best series after rogue trader Friday [FTW]



  1. Those ultramarines are pretty. I love the skin tones...

    Thanks for cluing me in to another post I surely would've missed.



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