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Greetings one and all,

First and fore most a happy 2011. It has been a while and I didn’t really make any wargaming progress. The holiday season is always a busy period over here, with lots of birthdays and the usual Christmas and new-year visits. But with all that behind us it is time to pick up the brush again and get some hobby time in.

A tale of Infamy [Fantasy/Product 12p]
A return to the pages of the Skaven army book, about 12 pages but nothing really spectacular, I don’t like the hell pit abomination and prefer the old warp cannon before the new one.

Dark Eldar [40k/Tactic 6p]
Phil Kelly gives some tips and tricks on using your Dark eldar to the full. I always wonder, not being a real gamer any more these day’s and never been that great a tactician, do these articles really make the difference? I never seem to remember the right tactic at the right time

House rules [Fantasy/Tactic 6p]
Jervis and Mat ward have a look at using buildings in fantasy. I like these kind of things, again I rarely get the chance to play a game but when I do, I like to get these kind of things in there.

The Battle for Blüdhof [Fantasy/Battle 24p]
Christian’s Empire (2249) Vs Andy’s Skaven (2997)

Standard Bearer [General/Info 2p]
Jervis talks about the way painting has evolved around the years, and this is something I think all veteran gamers see. I’m still proud of my older models, but if you see what a starting gamer realises now, just with some easy tips and tricks … and usually with a lot less time then I used painting those 1500pts Dwarfs 10 years ago

The Free peoples [War of the ring/ 6p]
As usual I didn’t really read this one, I’ll have to ask Ben what it’s all about (he’s the only one that I know that actually play’s Lotr ;o)

Army Masters Chris Peach’s Wych Cult Army [40K/Hobby 6p]
I like Chris his army, the free hands look way cool. I did the reaver a while ago and I still regret the free hand on them, not just how I did them or the quality etc but the asymmetric way of positioning on the model that I didn’t do :o(

Citadel Hall of Fame by Martin Footitt [General/Hobby 2p]
Martin picked Ghazhkull Thrakka by Brian Nelson, a cool model indeed, although I like Yarrick better ;o)

Colours of the under empire [Fantasy/Product 8p]
I have the Empire uniforms and heraldry, and flipt trough the skaven one. My personal view, this article is enough, a few schemes and details up’ed with some painted models as a more concrete translation to the gaming table. In my personal opinion they could do with including this more in the books themselves.

Wonder weapons of Skavenblight (Fantasy/Product 6p]
A showcase of all the technological wonders of the Skaven with a little bit more attention for the new kit.

May you live in legendary times [General/product 2p]
Dan Abnett and Groham McNeill talk about there books and more specific the Horrus Heresy and Time of Legend series.

Well that was it, for me not such a great issue, I liked the house rules stuff and the army thing but really mis the painting articles and stuff.


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