Black Box Revelation Blood Angel Dread

Greetz one and all,

Last Thursday I got the opportunity to paint up the new black box, I was to late to do the storm raven, but the dread is more then welcome in my bloodangel army ;o)

I found it a rather interesting box to use, but no real new exciting bits. I mean the sarcophagus looks cool on all 3 variations, but a power fist still is a power fist this time with some BA details but still a power fist. The power sword for the librarian looks better then most conversions I’ve seen so far but still looks a bit off to me.

Assembling is easy the power fist needs some thought, but all the other stuff is rather basic. Having a AoBR dread in my bitsbox gave me the opportunity to assemble the librarian dread as well. Maybe the weapon configuration is not optimal, but I wouldn’t know. For those of you who want to do the same, I recommend doing it the other way around or atleast save the grapple thingy for the AoBR dread to cover up on the top. Not that it is such a mess, but is saves you the trouble any way ;o)


Ps: the model is as good as done, but I couldn’t find the grass for the base; so this still needs some work, and I’ll add some details in later as well.

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