White Dwarf 372

Greetings one and all,

This week my counter turned 31 and I’ve been a gamer for almost 2/3th of that; strange thing to think about. But amongst my presents where some way cool CD’s and of course; how could it be different the arrival of my White Dwarf subscription.

The first thing I should mention is the disappointment this WD brought; it is again a strange thing. Last months final pages spoke of the trail of champions and the release date of 27 nobember. So I was looking forward to a new something; I didn’t really know what to expect but I was expecting something. Apparently it is all about a battle challenge between the white dwarf staff and games designers in all 3 GW systems. In the end I think I’m even more disappointed in myself. I was so focused on a new release; something unknown that this just was ‘t good enough. Why should GW release new stuff every month, as a matter of fact I love that they give it a rest for the moment, articles in WD almost always cover the new or the next army. In terms of knowledge we go for a broth horizon without depth, I would love some more depth. I mean some interesting articles such as the master class paint sessions, or battlefield challenges (not that I play them all, as a mater of fact only one up until now). But so far for the rambling on to the content of this months GW Propagandazine ;o)

New release
I barely include these pages any more and I consider them as commercial space in the page count but I felt that I had to share some stuff about it this month. The only new things are the blazingsun knights (command pack and upgrade pack) inquisitive and thieving grots (mail order only) and the introduction of an also available section I guess to fill up the blanck’s :o)

Trail of champions (36 pages)
A massive battle report between White Dwarf and the games developers on all 3 fronts.
Andrew Kenrick vs Jeremy Vetock / WotR Rohan vs Isenguard)
Matthew Hutson vs Phill Kelly / Warhammer Dwarfs vs Chaos
Adam Troke vs Robin Curdace / 40k Necrons vs Imperial Guard

Kabals of the Dark Eldar (8 pages)
Phil Kelly delves into the treacherous world of the Kabals. Some nice cool colour schemes and some words on deferent kabals.

Spearhead Tactica (6 pages)
Not as big of a hit as Appocalypse; but Spearhead is an interesting twist to the normal game of 40K. This month some tactics and new formations.

Battle in the Deep (6 pages)
Scenario and ideas for recreating underground battles in WotR

Standard Bearer (2 pages)
Jervis talks about how although rules have changed a lot in the history of warhammer, much has stayed the same in the feel of the game and even in some parts of the mechanics.

Battlefield Challenge Tower of Sorcery (2 pages)
As I mentioned above: I’m a fan of these kind of things although I don’t play that often, I would love to play scenario’s every time I do get to that battle table; so the more scenario’s the better ;o)

Realms of battle (12 pages)
Some example battle fields using the GW scenery for 40k; WotR and Fantasy, looks pretty nice; although I wouldn’t go for an all GW table; way to much IMHO.

Army Masters High Elves (6 pages)
A look at Matthew Hutson’s High Elves from the Tale of 4 gamers online thing.

Some kind of monster (2 pages)
Adam Torke has a few words on competitive gaming in the positive sence.

Citadel Hall of fame (4 pages)
A best off list and Darren Latham’s favourite model.

That concludes our review for today all in all, not really that bad considering the expectations I had were completely wrong. I feel it is important in live to consider the glass halve full just so you can enjoy the drink. And on this philosophical note I’ll leave you for today.


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