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Greetings one and all,
The workingdays have returned, after 2 weeks of family fun now is the time to return to the working station. This usually means a lot more planning and structure, and that means getting a bit more gaming stuff done ;o)

recreating the oold adeptus arbites [My wargame]
I liked the old models, but this makes for so many possibility’s… But not for the moment.

Fellblades of Renown: The Ancient Super Heavies of the Space Marines [Dakka]
Space Marine Super Heavies, looks great and cool

scratch build eldar fighter [path of the exodite]
very cool scratch build project

Greenstuff tabard tutorial [FTW]
A simple tutorial for some great results

Nobel Prize for Extraordinary Achievements in Workbench 2010: gamer Mac, AndyM [Lead adventure]
incredible scratch build project.

Dark Angel interrogator chaplain [FTW]
cool convertion, I like the shoulderpad, maybe I can do something with those.

Knights of Bal Timorea [Santa Cruz]
Hup Holland Hup ;o)

Converted IFV almost finished [Admiral Drax]
again a cool IG tank convertion. I think I’ll do an on the net tank special in 2 weeks
So if you have some cool tank links or pictures of your own tank conversion be sure to send me a link


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