On the net today oktober 13

Greetings one and all,

I’ve been in sick the last few day’s. So no real progress but as always a new on the net post. Being sick I’ve definitely missed some great posts, but hey you can’t see them all.
If you have some suggestions be sure to mail me.

How to green stuff purity seals [Dark Furture]
A nice tutorial looks a lot like I do it, but I especially like the tips for the central skull. All the seals I made thus far always lack that detail.

40k Art - DEATH TO 56kbps! [DOW 40K]
One of the best collections of 40K art work I’ve ever seen.

Breaking my rule, posting pics of progress for GD. [Dakka]
Some way cool wip pictures, lots of small inspirational pictures.

Chaos Patrol Boat [Ammobunker]
One of those conversion/scratch works you really have to see.

Green Stuff Moulding and Casting Tutorial [Millest]
A nice tutorial about something that used to be a big no-no all over the net. I did it years ago and still do once and a while ;o)

Sculpting Shoulder pad icons [FTW]
I always wanted to sculpt a laurel

I hope you enjoyed


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