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Greetings one and all,

The last few day’s I spend wondering if I should buy the new Isand of Blood, and what army should I do. A lot of people will probably start skaven (at least in my neighbourhood) And maybe I will two, but I still have a lot of empire, and blood angels to paint and way to little time, we’ll see. Any way, I’m back here to show you what I found on the net in the last few weeks.

under the couch [Under the couch]
cool conversions, and idea’s I will definitely stop again for some Inquisitor idea’s.

camping green stuff hobby goodness [corbaniaprime]
very nice green stuff tutorial

plastic plague bearers [spikeybits]
I have to try this one, it is just way to cool not to try in my Inquisition bad guy’s

sons of edulis [sons of edulis]
Check this one out, those marines have some way cool GS work done.

what is 40k to you [FTW]
funny and true; but also check out FTW has a Fantasy Blog Roll these day’s.

that was it for today

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