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Greetings one and all,

Under normal circumstances today was to be my White Dwarf Post, and my FLGS already has a copy available. But unfortunately I am a subscriber and need to wait a few day’s until I receive my copy. I don’t know if my friends are selling before they should or if the local Post is screwing up again or if GW just has a bad policy towards off shore subscribers.

But instead of my review I have a top tip this week. A few months ago my eye fell on the kings of war boxes. Steven the store clerk and good friend told me the boxes the mini’s come in can be used to store them, which makes it easy to pick the right unit for the right job/army.

The idea of small cases has always been on my mind. I have a lot of carton boxes laying around for my Mordheim chaos band or Bloodbowl orks. But the way of Kings of War seems to be a good one for me. So recycling this idea I went back to my folks and took one of the old VHS tapes, well actually the box. Some foam that I had laying around (you could easily get some with your grosser store; they use it to pack grapes). I found this to be ideal for small bands.

I’ll be making a cover per team with stats and stuff for easy reference when needed.



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