Introducing; Aslors Assailants

Greetings fellow gamers,

I always figured, of all the Imperial guard models in my closet I’ll probably use the valhallens first and most. But strangely enough that seems not to be the case. At some point there even was the possibility of on civilwar campaign using Valhallans and Vostroyans. Now it seems I’ll recycle that idea with my Talarns.

The model: I wanted to get some out of the box easy models with a quick paint job for my NPC’s. I have a lot of old metal IG laying around, but somehow the Talarns seemed the best option.

The painting: I didn’t want to go to far on these models, I’ll need a lot of these guy’s so I went for dipping. The green and white where picked to integrate them in to the other models (green is a repetitive colour on the inquisitor project)

The Game: I’ll use standard imperial guard stats for these guy’s.

The Inquisitors thoughts: Aslor and his bunch of wretched desert scum where the first to find the aces to the Fly Temple of Cloghdrn. An ancient temple of worship dedicated to Cloghdrn, Prince of Nurgle. They where met up by Colonel Du Sarte for debriefing. After decontamination only 12 members remained of the 150 man strong contingent; Imperial agents are still hunting them down.



my post on Dakka with some more pix

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