The Black Box Revelation

Greetz one and all,

It was my intention to talk about my Blood Angels, and I did make progres on that front almost 10 assault marines done. But I’d rather link through to B&C for pix and info.

What I would like to show are the new Dragon Princes. My FLGS got the Black Box on Thursday and I was so kind to offer my painting services (already thinking about doing a review here so it was in my own interest any way).

Both kits, Dragon Princes and White lions have great detail, lots of extra bits and the Lions even have a little piece of scenery (sorry no pix of those yet). Over all bits wise a both great kits (for the undead players amongst you did you see the possibility for a blood dragon here ;o)

On the down site to such detail comes the fact that they are sometimes difficult to put together and it is not always so convenient for painting (the last is specially true with the dragon princes) This can all be done with by painting base colours on sprue and detailing when assembled.

I would like to conclude with a little personal message;
  Korneel; It is possible to dip High Elves ;o)


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