White Dwarf 369

Greetings one and all,
Just back from vacation, and a new White Dwarf already greets me in the hall. Topic of the month is “Isle of Blood”. To be fair I was sceptic towards the content. The last few issues where to one sided or one themed, I feared this issue had to under go the same problem …

The Island of blood (5 pages)
A little fluff, a few pictures and some words with the designers; about Island of Blood.

The valley of damnation (19 pages)
Battle report with the content of the box and some extra’s ;o) 2000 pts Jervis Johnson (skaven) vs Adam Troke (High Elves) in Blood and Glory scenario.

Battle for the Island of blood (6 pages)
The real fluff article about the who the what en why of Blood Island.

Battlefield (6 pages)
The making of the Island of Blood battle table; some nice tips and lots of cool pictures in there.

Liber Apocalyptica chaos daemons (6 pages)
Some demon Data Sheets for apocalypse games (the khârn one is cool; has a nice background story)

War of the ring Grudge match (5 pages)
Jeremy Vetock looks to the other battles in Middle Earth

Standard bearer (2 pages)
Jervis talks about tournament play and how he went about to make it more than just winning every game and creating an uber list.

Painting master Joe Tomaszewski (6 pages)
A look at some of Joe’s work, very cool pictures in here. I’m not a NMM fan, but his Calgar does make me wonder ;o)

Ask ‘eavy metal (8 pages)
Some tips on power weapons, marines, skin tones (Gretchin/dead), banners, …

Army masters (6 pages)
The LoTR models of Christian Byrne

Citadel hall of fame (2 pages)
Michael Perry talks about his favourite model in the Citadel range

Painting workshop Imperial guard tank markings (8 pages)
Some tips and examples of how to paint your Imperial guard tanks. Some good looking stuff in there. One day I will really have to start that tank army ;o)

Premier event Gamesday survival guide (2 pages)
The where is what and when of Gamesday UK.

Overall I was very surprised with this month’s issue. There actually is some more to it then just the Island of Blood coverage; and some decent painting articles which are always a thumbs up in my book ;o)

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