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Greetz one and all,

as I promissed; my on the net report from now on every second Wednesday

If you never checked this one; be sure to do it now. It has some way cool 40K scenery pieces.

Tuesday’s top ten [FTW]
FTW has a similar post to this one; a list of cool stuff from other blogs.

Some nice painting and a very cool war altar in the starting stage.

Imperial Guard Manticore Completed [FTW]
I just love this style of vehicle; I’d love a bunch of these, but it is so much work.

kings Blog [Empire]
As a fan of Empire army’s I had to include this Spanish themed army this week.

My new tyrant [Empire]
A very nice sculpted Ogre Tyrant in an Empire Theme. I tried some pirate ogres a few years ago. But not nearly as cool as this one.

Treachery and Greed [empire]
A way cool new project from the Empire dudes.

Vehicles full of Oil and Dirt [Ammobunker]
now these are orky vehicles

Tutorial actual scale space marine [Master of the forge]
A very nice true scale tutorial; and be sure to check out the rest of the convertions

Hope you enjoyed

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