White Dwarf 368

Last week I received my latest copy of White Dwarf. Due to a busy work schedule it took me some time to make the review. But at last here it is ;o) 

Demonic reinforcements; a few words on the making of the new plastic kits unfortunately no bitz pics for guy’s like me. )

Infernal invasion; some words on the chaos daemons in fantasy, including some (to me) new fluff.

Legions of the Immaterium; After the fantasy take on things; a 40k view on Choas Deamons.

The power of the warp: Tactics for 40k demon players by Phil Kelly

Harbringers of destruction; tactics by mat ward for … you guessed it Chaos Deamons

Hero’s of Legend; LOTR Simon Grant looks at how best to use Epic hero’s in your War of the Ring games.)

Realms of chaos; Jhon Blanche talks about how they went about illustrating the realm of chaos.

Winds of magic: Some fluff and stuff about the colleges and the funny “if I ws a battle Wizard I’d be …”

Revenge of the Fateweaver; Fantasy Battle report between Mat Ward (Deamons) and Matt Hutson (Dark Elves)

Standard Bearer; As always the wise words from “Gold Wizard Jhonson” about how to get a narrative or a personality in to your army.

Modeling Workshop; twisted Landscape; how to convert and build some nasty looking chaos scenery )

‘Eavy metal masterclass; Daemon prince. Tutorial on how to paint a blue looking Deamon prince. But mine was already done (bummer ;o)

Premier Event Gamesday previeuw; What will be going on at games day.

Overall to much deamons for my taste; as I said last month I like some more change in subjects.


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