Introducing; Sir Nicolas Schriebler

Greetings fellow gamers,

I had a busy last few day’s, work wise and family wise, so I’ll introduce one of my older works …

The model: This time around I used the old Quest Noble as a base for this rogue trader. A small weapon swap using the imperial guard kit and some green stuff to make a bionic eye; et voila ;o) I like this model because it looks simple but just that tad different. Not my greatest work ever, but ok for me.

The painting: The colour scheme comes from my old Deamon hunter army (one that didn’t reach the table top(yet)). And looks similar to my empire scheme; liche purple highlighted with a mix of Liche Purple and white in several layers. The yellow / white is Iyanden Sun mixed with Bleached bone and eventually some white.

The Inquisitors thoughts: Sir Nicolas, …, Hmm. He’s a tricky one, I spent years hunting him down for the possession of demon artefacts when I finally caught up with him it turned out he was a mere smuggler of narcotics but after some persuasive methods more than willing to use his skills and contact to get me in touch with the scum of the galaxy.

The game: no rules yet, as flavour I see a stuck up rich boy who isn’t really as rich or as great as he would want to be.


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