Blood Angel Desert Bases

Greets one and all,

Few weeks ago The Goblins did a basing 101.

I did some explaining on my desert bases, not that they are that complicated or brilliant. But I thought it might be something for my blog; so here we go.

The basics are very simple. The first step (not in picture) is getting some details in like for example a skull. Next up is basecoat; I used Iyanden Sun foundation paints, and bleached bone for the rocks and bone. Third step is already the finish; high lighting the yellow with Iyande sun and bleached bone (50/50) and the bone with skull white and bleached bone (50/50).
Finish it off with some static gras; et voila.

I know it is a very yellowish base, but I think it go’s great with the dark red of my Blood Angels; who now also get the Armageddon campaign badge.



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