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The new moon is rising, so the new white dwarf makes his entrance. And my introduction might have a hint of mystique, our monthly magazine did not. Warhammer is the subject of the moment and the complete issue is dedicated to the new release. I’m a fan of fantasy, but must admit I like a bit more balance in my White Dwarf.

Warhammer heroes;
what to call this; a few words on the Black library books and a small preview on the Schwarzhelm book

War neverending
In this article Phil Kelly gives a look at how the warhammer world evolves, in the dark past there is only war; or something like that ;o)

Fighting in chaos
Warhammer works much more with scenario’s now; to bridge the gap between background and rules. I’m curious if it all works out the way intended. I for one sure hope so.

Rule the world
Mat Ward explains the changes made to the rules. “we are all Warhammer beginners again”

Mustering your army
In short; the importance of collecting the appropriate miniatures and painting your army.

Illuminations; the art of Warhammer
The master explains the artwork, what makes the difference when creating it, and what are they trying to tell us.

Call to arms
Andrew Kenrick takes a look at choosing an army for war and gives some examples from the studio; High Elves, Ogres, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Chaos Warriors pass on the catwalk.

Last stand off the slaughterer
Battle report of the epic last battle for Azhag The Slaughterer between Mat Ward (Empire) and Alessio Cavatore (orcs)

Standard bearer
Jervis has his say on the new book.

Fields of glory
Ahh, a Modelling Workshop on scenery, some simple but effective stuff in there and new to this; the rules to use the scenery on your tabletop.

Dave Andrews is asked about the new tables in the warhammer book including some detail pics of the invasion of charce table.

The legion of despair
Chad Mierzwa, Nick Bayton and Duncan Thodes show us how they build an undead force. Some nice and simple conversions and painting tips.

Clash of champions
‘eavy metal showcase. 3 cool diorama’s on display.

Premier event games day
What will be going on at UK’s Games Day this year.

To conclude my review, I like to re-state that I am a Warhammer fanboy, I don’t detest the rule changes. After all rules are just there so we can play, not vice versa. In other words, I don’t really care for rules, they are a necessary evil for me. And it is just that that makes this issue of WD less appealing to me. I would have been more satisfied with lots of new mini’s and conversions and stuff. Long live the modelling workshops and ‘eavy metal masterclasses.


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