The men with big sticks

Greetings one and all,

I did some more work on my great swords in the past few weeks and finally slapped a few coats of paint on the Mootlander ;o).

The bases are not done but I’m hoping to get those finished in the coming week. And then I’ll re-do a group shot of the army so far. Don’t hold your breath in anticipation. It wont be that big of an army, if I manage 30 painted models it’s a lot (shame on me). I hope to finish about 750 pts by the end of the year. But with the other 2 project bugging in, it will be a long shot :o)



By the way; Raimy (the Mootlander) wishes to tell you if you are even in Ostermark you really need to try the local red herbs tea. It is a mix with stonerose peddles Grom-root and honey beans. It has a nice soft/sweet taste and looks extremely special; kind of like a golden red mist in your glass. Apparently it is very good for a bad stomach, but makes your leaving water look red, wich makes for a lot of confusion for the outlanders ;o)

The men of the ostermark [Empire]

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