Blood Angel redux

Greetings one and all,

Those of you that tune in frequently will know I have started re-doing my blood angels.

Well, the first one is done; and I have a pretty good idea what I will change to the lot of them.

All models will get the markings on the right place this time ;)

Left shoulder pad: chapter symbol
Right shoulder pad: company marking
Left knee pad: company marking / organisation markings
Right knee pad: squad markings

Bolter markings: rank and honour
Backpack markings; something
Campaign badge: Armageddon

I still have to do the Death company (jump-pack and on foot) assault marines and tanks (2 Rhino’s and a landraider)

And last but not least I'll re-base the lot of them to the Armageddon desert.

As always progress go’s slow but steady, and I’m rather satisfied with the results so far. Hope to get a full squat finished soon, that always gives a different feel to things.

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