Whtie Dwarf review 365

Greetings one and all,

May; the month of spring cleaning. So I started to look at what has to go in the next few months; one has to make room for the next project :o) Amidst all these festivities I had to take a light break and White Dwarf automatically comes to mind

Editorial: If you where wondering why Mark was so nostalgic the last few month’s; he is leaving White Dwarf and joining games development. I guess that might have something to do with it.

New releases: lots and lots of lotr stuff. And the new river trolls and Boar Boyz.

The muster of middle Earth; some words on the new Lotr expension

The ruins of Osgiliath; a look at the Lotr scenery kit. This could be worth a look, I’d like the know what they look like next to some fantasy models.

Flight of the Nazgûl; showcase of the ringwraiths on Nazgûl. When the model first got released I already mentioned I was a bit of a fan. So this was nice to look at.

The high ground; Lotr battle report.

The green tide; A look at the orcs and goblins and why we play them according to Jeremy Vetock, and the new orc boar boyz bit list.

In the Kraken’s Jaws; A two battle mini campaign of nids vs Blood Angels by Mat Ward looks nice.

Wear and Tear; the last of the army composition series. This time focusing on immobile stone hard forces; I think I have some dwarfs who might be up to such a job.

Standard Bearer; as always Jevis talks about putting up terrain. I remember similar discussions at the goblin lair when we talked about making scenery and putting up terrain. Most of us gamers just go for a clean pitched battle and scenery is just an obstacle. But thing can be so much cooler if you use your scenery to tell a small story about even that same pitched battle. Then it doesn’t become an obstacle; but a tool. But Jervis say’s it a lot better ;o)

Painting masters at the Golden Demon: Darren Latham tells you what criteria’s he looks for in models entering the Golden Demon painting competition. And as should be you can expect some cool pix of cool models.

‘eavy Metal Masterclass; Black Orc Big Boss; Keith Robertson gives a tutorial about assembling and painting his Black Orc Big Boss on boar. Cool clean easy (kit bash) conversion; with a nice painting tutorial.

Overall, I found this WD a bit disappointing. Nothing much that really got my vibes going. As ever I like the standard bearer and I enjoyed the army composition articles. A bit to much Lotr for my taste.

For those who missed it; I'm collecting all content tables of White Dwarf in an index you can check it here


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