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Greetz one and all,

I have a lot of links to share, so let’s get to it …

ultramarine bust julius antigonus, dreadnought [B&C]
Some way nice sculpting and painting

scratchbuild land raider MKI [lascannonlances]
Man I would like to be able to realise this

The Great Crusade
Cool looking forum, lots of cool stuff; and not to crowded on first sight.

Objective marker [CMON]
I was thinking of some nice objectives, and this might just be the spark of inspiration needed;

some of this some of that [ricalopia]
again the objective markers; simple but very effective

Bike librarian, or what to do with a blob of GS leftover [Dakka]
Way cool looking librarian

= Scallywaggin = Adepticon 2010 40k Army [Warseer]

Nice looking army’s; go check out the pix

Space Hulk: Hybrids [Dakka]
I love stealer hybrids; started some a year a go, and hope to get some more done in the future. But for now I like seeing them ;o)

My Adepticon Display and Army: In Defense of Holy Terra [Dakka]
Another cool adepticon 40K army

Sanguinor [Bushido40K]
Cool sanguinor; bit different from the most

Defence of Xiantium [Fischer Design Shop]
Verry cool wip diorama

more on my vostroyan conversions [bossmansbitzbox]
Did I ever chare my love for tanks??

Scythes of the Emperor - A blog - ITS ALIVE! [warhammer.org]
very old; but man; I want to get there some day

A big list of links; I hope you enjoyed.


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