White Dwarf 364 Review

Greetings one and all,

Again I had a lot of things on my mind the last few weeks, one of those was a box of “sanguinary guard” and with those a re-basing of all my Bloodangels. I’ll post pix later this week, but don’t expect to much, I decided (a few years ago) to dip my Bloodangels, so …

Editorial: Latham returns to memory lane and go’s nostalgic on the Bloodangels,

New releases: Bloodangels; Bloodangels; Bloodangels; … oh oh; and the new scenery kit.

The Host of Angels [40K] Andy Hall takes a look at the new codex and the new Sanguinary Guard kit. I love the kit revieuws and the small painting article.

Riders of the Riddermark [Lotr] Tactics on the Rohan army.

Red in tooth and claw [WHFB]: Tactics on the Beastmen,

Old war stories [WHFB]: We’ve seen this one before, and I liked it then, still like it now. This time around Jeremy talks about a scenario he worked out for WHFB. I was thinking of doing something similar in the form of a campaign booklet for 2 or 4 players. But more on that when I get around to it ;o)

Move and Fire [WHFB]: The third time around we look at shooting your enemy to bits from afar. A tactic my dwarfs tried a few times and with some success, although balanced army’s still have my preference.

Angels of Vengence [WHFB]: Battle report Matt Hutson’s Bloodanges vs Christian Byrne’s Chaos force. I like the mission style in the battle reports; but have way to little time to try them all.

Standard Bearer: Getting the Eqaulettes right or why GW includes colour pages and painted mini’s in the codex’s and army books. I thought it to be obvious but who am I. But Jervis is right, we all appreciate the colour pages and it is more then often the most important part of the book.

‘eavy metal masterclass; The Sanguinor; but actually it is a pretty good non metal metal tutorial. Personally I think one of the better tutorials of the last few issues. But probably having Bloodangels my self helps ;o)

Modeling Workshop; Statues

Modeling Workshop Bloodangels [40K]; Set review on the Death Company box, and some cool conversion / kitbash ideas

Battlefield Challenge [WHFB]; Duel of Champions

Army Workshop [Lotr]

Army Masters [WHFB]; le Baker and Robert Gogin’s Vampire Counts

I’d like to tell you this issue is no good; it has way to much Blood Angel stuff in it. But unfortunately I can’t … I think it is the best issue I reviewed as of yet, not because of the BA, but NMM techniques, the WHFB scenario, tactics, …So way cool issue what I’m concerned but all non marine players have to look beyond the BA stuff; and beyond do’s not mean not reading it (like I treat Lotr ;o)

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