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Greetz one and all,

Here are some more of my net discovery’s for this week:

Scratch built war altar [Empire]
I’ve seen some of these scratch built war altars, but this is by far one of the nicest in the list.

Warhammer online exclusive [taverncraft]
I want I want I want;

Men of Averland [Empire]
I think I showed this one before; but there are some absolutely fabulous models in there

Making imperial guard heavy weapons mobile [Santacruz]
Nice looking heavy weapons and some very nice crew;

Greco-Roman Themed Chapter WIP [B&C]
Some interesting bit use.

WIP Space Wolfs [B&C]
The start is a bit strange; but later on there are some way cool models.


[Update 16/02/2010]
Some more GW news:

sneak peek space marine statue and ruins kit [bols]
Told you so ... :o)

In comming: Spearhead
In the newletter GW announces Spearhead, a new addition to 40K; a new way to play the game.  This time with a focus on tanks and published by White Dwarf and the website.  Sounds good to me.  Al wil be clearer by may/june.

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