the men need more men

Greetings one and all,

I’m not one to brag or praise my self. But some ppl on various forums asked me to make a step by step of some mini’s.

Click for bigger pic

1) take a bretonian met at arms

2) chop off at the middle (keep the legs)

3) Add chestplate (knights)
I chose the knights, not that I find them pretty; quite the opposite, but since lots of the detail will be blocked by the sword arms …

4) Add the sword arms (greatswords)

5) Add the head (outrides)
Enter the problem … one box comes with way to little heads; so if you got some to spare; give me a mail.

6) Add some details (various)
To make the greatswords a bit more special they all wear laurels and a lot of other stuff. You can add some more stuff or do some GS work here and there. But I didn’t come to that yet.

Well I hope it’s been helpful for those of you who want to copy.

And number 50 went live ;o)

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