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Greetings one and all,

[men of Averland - Empire]

I did a lot of surfing apparently, so no chit chatting; just links and stuff ;o)

play aid genestealer cult [Bols]
When I discovered BOLS this is what they where good at; and still are.

Makro Servitors [Dakka]
Nice and simple; could be cool in my Imperial Guard ;o)

Gameforces [Gameforces]
I’m always looking out for a none affiliated cool magazine. Maybe this is one; hope it’s not in Spanish and I remember it in some weeks time.

Kromlech [Kromlech]
Some nice conversion bits; makes me think about the good old day’s; gorka morka and stuff.

Conversion bits [scibor]
Scibor also going for the conversion bits

Titan Warlord, a other one! but from France [WIP]
Man this thing is bigger then the little one walking around here

Flak Wagon Objective, Cheap hydra option or objective [WIP]
Guess what this could be used for …

Aberrant, Feral and Rebellious [Dakka]
Pirates, … Hmm; maybe this could be my guard …

The scythes [The scythes]
I check this every once and a while; but hey man, nice stuf (check the Hulk hounds)

Men of Averland [Empire]
Nice looking knights, cool convertions, overall nice stuff.

That was it for today, now back to my general. I’ve started him; so I must finish :o)


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