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Greetz one and all;

Being in a cast prevented me from painTing; but I hope to catch up in the following day’s. For now I give you my web finds …


Astromag 6 [Astromag]

Making cobblestone bases [BOLS]
I never really much taught in my bases until my empire army, but I discovered the importance of it all; so maybe re-do the old one’s ;o)

Chaos Stormbird Project, I'm at it again ... [WIP]
storm bird I’ll take 3 thank you ;o)

marcineczek0 workshop of crazy ideas! [The ammobunker]
steven eat your heart out ;o)

Middenheim flash bang spearmen. [Empire]
scenery is a bit over the top; but way cool

xan’s Krieg Reboot [Dakka Dakka]
looking good. I like the clean white, and the listening post

the warforge [warforge]
some nice stuff to see

elotsip40K [elotsip]
I love outpost XIII and the tanks; my god why do I always’s love the tanks? (above)

HD.12 Kolony HQ head sprues [Pig Iron]
HD.11 Kolony Militia winter head sprues [Pig Iron]
Hmm; so tanks = Imperial guard = Valhallan = … Darn the next project (but I hope to keep it off bay till 2011; first my fantasy empire)

Mordheim ruined tower [cmon]
Nice nice nice

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