WD 362

Greetings one and all,

I had a rather unpleasant week, made a unfortunate fall and broke my elbow. So no painting for me in the last and following few day’s. luckily my WD arrived Friday to give me some distraction.

Editorial: mark chats about letters received by WD concerning “ask ‘EAVY METAL” and Jervis’s “battlefield challenges” I like both series and for once read the editorial ;o)

New releases: beastmen; beastmen; beastmen; some Legion of the damned online exclusives and LOTR. I never thought I’d say this; but the best of the new models is a LOTR winged Nasgul. Although I’m not planning any monsters in my Ostermark army, this one is tempting …

Primal fury [WHFB] a look at the beastmen army book design notes. I skimmed it a bit, guy’s with horns will probably like it :o) there are some nice paint tips though

White horse white hand [LOTR] scenario’s

Death from the skies! [40K]: planet strike tactica. again, a lot of people will find this interesting, but I just look at the pictures ;o) I’ll have to get back to it once my gaming spirit gets more active.

Lyber apocalyptica; trygons [40K]: some idea onhow to include trygons in your appoc games. by the way I’m probably not the first to point out that appoc data sheets look a lot like the old epic one’s ;o)

Striking a balance [WHFB]: this one I did read; gives some tips and pointers on a balanced army and the importance of it. No ground shaking insights but a nice read if your planning an army.

Blood in the borderlands [WHFB]: Beastmen vs Empire & Bretonian 4000 pts.

Standard Bearer: By now you will all probably know I’m a fan. And Jervis even picked my favourite subject this month, converted models. “The practice of altering the appearance of a miniature or model so as to deviate from the standard version” I love it ;o)

Ask ‘eavy metal: painting tips and tricks; painting cloth, chapter logo’s; crystalline; hourglass; contrasting and painting red; shading red with green or blue; verdisgris and oil stains; painting horns; painting sculpted banners; in short well worth the time reading if you are like me in to painting.

Winged Nasgul [LOTR] usually I don’t go in to detail about LOTR stuff I know; but this is a painting thing of a really nice model.

The road to golden demon: Why does James Griffin enter the demon’s? AND A LOT OF COOL PIX (some times I feel like a play-boy subscriber “No serious dear, It’s all about the articles” ;o)

Modelling workshop; despoiling the empire [WHFB] some scenery tips on empire scenery that had tea time with the beastmen hoard. Some nice tips; I believe I have a tower locked away here somewhere.

‘eavy metal masterclass; monster faces: again some nice pointers and tips for all the ugly mofo’s in your collection

Premier event golden demon; they should make a centre fold of these things ;o). No seriously, I like to see these things, but it’s a shame they don’t bundle it in a small booklet any more.

That was it; over all when skipping trough I got the feeling there was not much in it I liked, but once the playboy in me really started reading (and then again when I started making this review) I realised there are a lot of things in there I enjoyed. In general I’ll give it a 2 or 3 on 5. but who am I to judge ;o)

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