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Greetings one and all,

I did some more painting last week and it looks like the first real unit is getting there, not really as big as they should be but I can now field a 10 man strong unit of halberdiers, including command. Pix will follow.

Space Hulk to Deathwing, From BA to DA/Deathwing [B&C]
I love the librarian; real nice military blue (have to give it a try some day; if I remember)

My 4th Warlord, Pic heavy [B&C]
My 4th Warlord, Pic heavy
Lots of titans on the net; but this one looks cool; I’d love to see the other 3 ;o)

Nuclear Renaissance [Ramshackle Games]
Formula waagh any one ;o)

Chimera conversions [Dakka Dakka]
some way cool idea’s in here

leman russ kartvelian variant [Santa Cruz]
darn nabit; one of these day’s I’ll have to give in and get a IG tank army :o) Be sure to check the rest of the project.

Space Wolves Pack [B&C]
some nice space wolfs


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