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Greetings one and all.

First off; merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Cool mini or not

Winter War scenarios [GW]
I think it’s worth a try; any one up for a game; give me a call.

buzzgob [Forge World]
some more cool stuff from forgeworld.

Da Flyin' Grots [Dakka]
Ok; not really special, I’m sure you all thought about something similar a few day’s ago. And personally I would alter the look more so it looks more orky (no round curves). But it’s cool to see someone finally did it…

universal chimera chasis [Dakka]
we’ve all seen the Transformer Rhino kits; but why not a chimera…

Spearman Unit [Empire]
Hmm; If I do it like this, I don’t have to get 25 of these buggers converted and painted ;o)

28mm / 30mm SF Knight on Jet Bike [Scibor]
way to expensive for my taste; but way cool convertion.

world works games [WWG]
not a big fan of cardboard terrain; but this looks promising.

Imperial Fists WIP [B&C]
K-pow; way cool looking painting skills
I love the yellow

guard hellhound la dave taylor [Santacruz]
I loved the original; and it is nice to see the ppl I follow also follow one another ;o)

That's it for this month and this year. I'm having a fun time making this thing; I hope some of you have a fun time reading it.


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