It has been a busy few weeks for me, had a change of jobs a few day’s off to get some stuff done in the house and with the family, so not much new on the site. My new job will need some more attention in the following few weeks so I guess that update’s will be a little les frequent.

But on to the business of the day; white dwarf 361.

Editorial: as said before not really something I really read; just skim trough is more like it.

New releases: nothing really unexpected of new here; nids; nids, nids and legion of the damned. Some nice news on the Black Library front though; new books on epic tales from the 40k millennium such as “Rynn’s World“ and “the hunt for Voldorius” and the announcement of “battle missions” a soon to come (march) 40k expansion. I remember the day’s of “the Generals Compendium” when the same was done for Fanatsy. The weblore speeks of even more nidstuff; but you are a big boy; go see see for your self ;o)

The Great Devourer; tyranid designers notes; not really my cut of tea as it is not my kind of army (the cult however; …). The new models look cool; and there is a bit pic of the new Tygron/Mawloc kit. A very cool model as such and makes me wonder of the possibility’s for my Slanesh greater deamon.

The 13 trials of the ratmen; a list of scenario idea’s for games including the foul ratmen. I love this kind of articles as it doesn’t just give you an idea what a rat would fight for; but also what your army might fight for. How can I make my own trial of ostermark … In my opinion a must have for all you ratmen outthere.

Legion of the damned; an article on the origins of this legion. Always nice to see where the idea came from and what is intended in there current form. There is a small part showing the legion in other army’s, again a nice way to see how you could include some new models in your old army. But as my current marine force is Blood Angels not much use for me. I need to get my Ultramines form under the dust;

Thralls of Mordor; Lotr stuff …

Assault of outpost XIII; battle report on marines vs Nids. The fun thing about the battle reports is that it never really is a standard batlle. The scenario’s get more and more appeal for designers and games alike.

Colin Grayson’s Skaven; A nice army to look at; but from pictures of last month my expectations where a bit higher. Don’t get me wrong it really is an amazing army with lots of way cool convertions and bits, but I could go for some more detail pix.

Standard Bearer; As ever a great fan of the series; this time Jervis talks about being a sour or good loser; and the influence this have on the gaming experience. I have lost my fare chare of the battles; and indeed I have not always been a fair loser or winner at that. But as you get older you learn to put it in perspective. When you read it; it all looks a bit like Chinese philosophy with all the appropriate quotes and stuff.

‘eavy metal Masterclass legion of the damned; I can never realy shake the feeling it is a bit of a commercial given the form of an article. But one I enjoy every month. If you play marine of not; if you don’t like Lotr, painting still is painting and you can always learn more on the how to front.

Army Workshop; more nids and some tips n dynamic poses and horde painting. I didn’t really like the models but that is a question of taste.

Modeling workshop Outpost XIII. An article on how to make the outpost used in the battle report. I enjoyed this one. Maybe a bit expensive and a bit of work. I would never just rebuild the thing as is; but it does show how versatile the resent scenery is. Combining different sets seems to be no problem. I’d love more of this in the future.

Overall a pretty good white dwarf; for not being in to nids. On a side note; in the “events diary” they announced Full Tilt one of the events nearby by our friends of “De Witte Ridder”. If you have the time and means to go …


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