The men get a token of wisdom

Greets one and all,

I did some more work on my ostermark force; no real models or extra men for the army. I always like the extra bits in an army; turn counters, objective markers, etc …

I went for wound markers

Simple but effective; I did some with 1 2 and 3 skulls; so in dire need a Skull can represent a wound. But most characters I use only have 2 wounds (3 max) so 1 counter is 1 wound

Spell counters

Again a simple representation, I made 3 counters 1 2 and 3 books, representing my first second and third "remains in play". I have no idea how much I wil use these; but I was working on the lot anyway.

Captured banners

This was a bit less straight forward. I didn't want to use banners on a coin (to little space) so went for the laurels as this is usualy used for banner bearers. and it gives me the opportunitie to use it as objective marker.

I also did some prayer counters (using scrolls); but forgot to take pix. I plan on doing a fleeing counter. More when they all gets finished.


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