How it all got started

Greetings one and all,

I've been in the game for quite some time now; and with all the space hulk mania going on on the net I came across one of the things that got me started. I just wanted to share.

Back in the day's me and my friends/nephews had a comodore 64 and the game Space Crusade. It was a turn based strategy game with crappy graphics; but it got our attention. We even went looking for expansion packs; that is how Serge and Yves got in to Space marine; the way back version of Epic. A little later followed a unit of 40k marines and Eldar and not much after that my first Dwarf and Skaven.

any how going trough the net I came across a video for space crusade (the C64 version)
enjoy :o)

space crusade [youtube]

and just cus it is even more funny:
Space crusade MB commercial [youtube]
Hero Quest MB commercial [youtube]

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