The men of the Ostermark

Greetings one and all,

Time to show my own project in the great land of Emperor Karl Frans. I chose to honour the great men and women of the Ostermark. The land of widows and wood.

In my opinion an army with lots of free company and untrained men. In the challenge made in our club (paint an empire province army in 1year completely in theme) one of the requirements is to include at least 1 unit of halberdiers.

I chose to make my state troops a bit special, I loved the old style of empire figures and am not a big fan of the new one’s. But a bit of brownstuff can make a lot of difference.

My state troops all have the buffed up sleeve and a helmet to get the uniform feel and to make them stand out against the non state troops that should make the majority of the army.


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